Packed lunches and everyday life

Weekdays are always quite busy for us. And in our family, all the children get packed lunches, because there is no food at the school.

I often pack cheese in the lunch boxes, especially for my youngest, who is a huge fan of cheese.

She gets it as an “Amager sandwich” half rye bread, half white bread with butter and cheese in between. Chunks of Le Gruyère AOP, to snack on during breaks, or in a wrap with cucumber and butter.

My middle child is a big fan of tasty sandwiches – his are often ham, Le Gruyère AOP, mayonnaise, mustard, lots of crispy lettuce and grainy, delicious bread. Easy for me and super tasty for my kids. When I’m working from home, I mostly go for toasted rye bread with Le Gruyère AOP.

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