Guests in everyday life (and during the busy off time)

When you’re a family with children (and even when you’re not, I would guess) you’re almost always busy. It’s easy to skip having guests and socializing with friends, because so much time goes to play dates, soccer tournaments, dance classes, parent meetings and other things that take up an incredible amount of space in everyday life.

All of that is wonderful! BUT I also love my friends – and I love having guests – even if it’s just for 2 hours on a Wednesday and the kids have to get home early to go to bed.

Cheese is always the answer for me! When things need to happen quickly, you can always work magic with good cheese. Some good bread, Le Gruyère AOP, maybe a salad and perhaps a little sausage. And there you go! Everyone likes it and anyone can manage it. And for a little bit of extra goodness, I like to make a quick pie with puff pastry, mushrooms and Le Gruyère AOP. Or a frittata stuffed with that tasty cheese.

So, we manage to fit in a few more friendly get-togethers with delightful cheeses, and perhaps there’s even room for a little wine…
… After all, it’s Wednesday.

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