Photography tips with Minna


I like the saying that the best camera is the one you have. Start with that and learn how to use it. If you don’t have a camera, you can shoot with your phone. Instagram is full of amazing food images, that have been taken with a phone.

If you are interested to start shooting more food, here are some of my recommendations what gear you might need.


  • Invest in a full frame camera and it will serve you for a long time


  • A very good lens to shoot food is a 50mm. It is versatile and really good for overhead shots.
  • If you like macro images, you will need a macro lens like a 100mm. It is amazing how many details of an ingredient a macro shot can bring out.
  • You can also choose a high quality zoom lens, like a 24-70mm. I like to use mine when traveling or when I have a shoot where I need to be able to quickly change my shooting distance.


  • A sturdy tripod is very important to me. It allows me shoot even on darker days. It is also very practical for overhead shots and for shooting images with a timer if I want to include my hands in the frame for example

Diffusers and reflectors

  • These are very important when shooting with natural light. We can shape the light and control how much light enters the image.

Setup close to a window, tripod and a black canvas to block too much light entering the image.

Backgrounds and props

  • The aim of food photography is to make the food look as good as possible. To do so we need beautiful backgrounds and props that support our food story but don’t steal too much attention in the image.

Beautiful props help to take your food images to the next level.

Photography tips with Minna

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