800 g Le Gruyère AOP cheeses of various maturities
1 garlic clove
~4 teaspoons of corn flour or corn starch
3.5 dl white wine
4 cl Kirsch
ground nutmeg
white pepper
For serving
crusty white bread cut into cubes
cornichon pickles and pickled onions
air-dried Alpine ham

When picking the cheese, choose cheeses of various maturities if you can. This gives the fondue a deeper flavour.

  1. Grate the Gruyère AOP cheese into a bowl. Sprinkle corn starch or corn flour on top and stir.
  2. Cut the garlic clove in half, rub the inside of the fondue pot with it, and leave the clove in the pot. Measure in the white wine and put the pot on low heat until the wine is hot.
  3. Add the cheese in small amounts at a time while stirring slowly. Keep stirring the mixture the whole time and raise the heat on the stove.
  4. When all of the grated cheese has melted, add the Kirsch and stir. When the fondue starts to bubble, whisk it harder until it is smooth. Cook for 3–5 minutes and season with ground nutmeg and a dash of white pepper.
  5. Place the pot on a fondue heater on the table and enjoy straight away!

The recipe for success:

The fondue is started on the stove and then lifted on the table cooker when it is time to begin the meal. If the fondue is too runny, cook it for a moment at the table and stir it the whole time. Conversely, if the fondue feels too thick (it may become thicker during the meal as it loses moisture), add a dash of white wine and stir vigorously.

The corn starch/flour ensures that the fondue stays smooth. If the fondue feels grainy despite this, add a dash of white wine with corn starch mixed in, then stir vigorously.

The Stories of Le Gruyère AOP

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