– Together again –

Ambassadors in Stockholm

Le Gruyère AOP is on a mission. The almost lost art of cooking with your friends needs to be revived. Thus, practice what you preach. Le Gruyère AOP invited our Nordic ambassadors to Stockholm to cook together and to do a photoshoot. This is the story.

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Back together again

In an increasingly busy everyday life, the culture of families gathering around the dinner table for a meal is no longer taken for granted, even less so is inviting friends over for dinner. Everybody is busy doing something and food home deliveries are more often the first choice.

How can we better spend time together and actually talk to one another, while at the same time enjoy delicious food? Le Gruyère AOP decided they needed to promote a theme for the year. The result: “togetherness”.

In no time, we sent our ambassador team who are from all over the Nordic countries to Stockholm. Everyone was to bring a recipe and high spirits. With these individuals as part of the team, there was definitely no shortage of either.

Le Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP has collaborated with several Nordic food personalities and Stockholm was fortunate to enjoy the presence of the following:

Louisa Lorang is a Danish food stylist and writer widely known from many areas, mostly from her TV appearances.

Petter Bäcklund is a longtime partner in crime with Le Gruyère AOP in food photography, a general food aficionado and food journalist.

Jenny Westman, a health food specialist, blogger, PT and many things extraordinaire who balances the good life of delicious food in combination with promoting good health.

Systrarna Eisenman are The OG food bloggers of Sweden. They once started a cookbook café and grew to be award-winning cookbook authors, bloggers, food stylists and are passionate food lovers.

So that was the setup.

Le Gruyère AOP

By the way, if you want to hang out and cook together with your friends just like them, make sure to participate in our contest. You have the chance of winning a 2,5 kg wedge of original Le Gruyère AOP. Then you can invite your friends over and go wild in the kitchen!

Check out this short video from the event or have a look at some of the lovely photos and recipes.

The occasion was a success – lively and interesting discussions with cheese in abundance for the whole production crew. After two intense days of cooking and taking photos, the whole event ended with an amazing dinner.

To summarize it all – we need more time to relax with friends, cook amazing food and togetherness. These are the values Le Gruyère AOP can stand by.

Ambassadors in STHLM