– Together again –

Ambassadors in Stockholm

Le Gruyère AOP is on a mission. The almost lost art of cooking with your friends is something that needs to be lifted. Thus, practice what you preach, Le Gruyère AOP invited our Nordic ambassadors to Stockholm to cook for each other and to do a photoshoot. This is the story.

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Together again

In all the time more speedy everyday life the culture of families gathering around the table for a meal is no more a given. Much less inviting friends over for dinner. Everybody is busy with something and food deliveries are a first choise.

How could we better spend time together and actually hear one another. And in that experience great food! Le Gruyère AOP found a cause to promote for the year and that is togetherness.

In no time had we set our ambassador team from all over the Nordics to Stockholm. Everyone was to bring a recipe and high spirits. With people that we have in the team there was no shortage on either.

Le Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP has collaborated with several food people in the Nordics and Stockholm was to enjoy the presence of the following. Louisa Lorang is Danish food stylist and writer widely known from many outlets not least from her TV appearances.

Petter Bäcklund is a long time partner in crime with Le Gruyère AOP in food photography, a general food aficionado and food journalist. Jenny Westman is a healthy eating specialist, blogger, PT and many things extraordinaire who can balance the good life in having a meal and promoting great health.

Le Gruyère AOP

Systrarna Eisenman are The OG food bloggers of Sweden. They started a book café back in the day and little by little grew to be the cook book writers, award winning bloggers, food stylists for major brands and all things good what it comes to food. So that was the setup.

By the way, if you want to do what they did and cook for your friends you should take part in our contest and get a chance to win a 2,5 kg original Le Gruyère AOP wedge so you can invite your friends over and go wild with cooking!

You can check out this little video of what happened or take a look at some of the pictures and find their recipes for the occasion.

As was the purpose the talks we’re quirky and uplifting. The cheese was in plenty for the whole production crew and the whole event ended in an amazing dinner after two days of cooking and taking photos.

The take home is that we all need more slow time to meet friends, cook amazing food and togetherness. Le Gruyère AOP stands by that.

Ambassadors in STHLM